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this is the way i would have done it

My Pete Experience:

I figured since I haven't posted in here yet, I shall share with you guys my Pete experience.

I've seen Fall Out Boy three times, but I had never met any of them before Warped Tour. Me & my friend was just wandering around because we pretty much saw all the bands that we wanted to see so were just walking and we stopped at the FOB stand to buy a tee shirt & Pete was there! There wasn't a huge crowd which was good. I said Hello to him & then I wasn't sure which shirt to get. It was either 'Fall Out Boy Is For Lovers' or the 'Love Will Tear us Apart' shirt. So I asked Pete which one to get & he said 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' because everyone has the Lover one. Then I asked him to sign it, and I got my picture taken with him. He was really nice & he actually talked to us.

That was my Pete experience. It's not much, but at least I have one =)
I also have a Tony experience, but that is for another day my friends. Besides, that is way smaller than this one

I am going to see FOB on April 22nd. I can't wait.
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