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great stuff

Yeha this was a good idea you guys...but i thought Patrick and Pete were hte couple..maybe Patrick is old news...*pouts* lol JK. Well im one of the 1st members..and if ya want u can add me for the heck of it i dont care. Pete is hot and sexy and Tony is scrumptious..

xx0---i love the icon for this community!
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haha thanks for joining. And noooo patrick is not old news, i love petrick. But Pete and Tony are fo realz. haha.
haha very funny lol...aww but poor Patrick loves Pete..hmm its war! lol
That is the best picture of Patrick ever. Oh, and I joined both because I am a believer and because I was wondering if it would be all right if I posted a fanfic that I wrote that implies Tony/Pete?