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petetonylove's Journal

the peter wentz and tony lovato love
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Ran by _makethemgold and urgency. They did it first and they did it best.

For all those who believe in, or just like the imagery of, the love between Peter Wentz and Tony Lovato that was so frequently displayed on the tour with Mest and Fall Out Boy this past winter and spring. Post pictures, interviews, parts of show reviews, fan fiction,
rumors, anything you feel that has to do with the Peter and Tony love. This community is moderated to keep out the hateration.

1. Please put large pictures and large amounts of text behind a cut tag.
2. Whether you're here for fun or actually believe Tony and Pete have some kind of romantic link, keep it clean and keep it nice. You'll be kicked out right away if you hate on homosexuality/bisexuality/ all of that good stuff. THIS IS A SLASH FRIENDLY COMMUNITY..
3. What you post is your responsibility. If you post pictures, feel free to put "please don't steal," but post at your own risk. If your pictures are stolen, it isn't our fault. If you don't want your pictures all over, don't put them on the internet.
4. It's requested all posts are locked. All posts that contain certain contents to an extent will be deleted or locked if it's unlocked.
5. Please don't post more than twice a day in the community. The PeteTony love is great, but there is life outside the online community. Also, the edit button is your friend.
6. Please only post things that have to do with the Pete and Tony Love. Also, please remember, this is the Tony/Pete Love. If you want to discuss Benji and Tony or Patrick and Peter or anyone else, please do it there. This is strictly Tony/Pete. Thanks.

Any questions? Bitch at your mods.

layout courtesy of completexme, because she's wonderful.
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